General Guideline

1. Personal Data

“Weber Express Logistic” concern on your personal data privacy and we treat your data with respect. We only collect information from you during product purchase and services, transaction, web actions and cookies which include but not limited to:

  • Customer's name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Billing and payment information
  • Candidate's detail (Career application)
  • Other data collected that can directly or indirectly identify you

to ensure our products and services are delivered successfully. 

2. Personal Data Usage

Personal data will be used for: 

  • User identify verification on “Weber Express Logistic” website.

  • Customer's experience enhancement and customer services quality improvement
  • Newsletter distribution, promotion and other announcement

3. Personal Data Policy

  • Your privacy is our priority. Appropriate measures are in place to keep your personal information confidential and we do not share or pass on information except where it may be necessary to do so to ensure your order can be fulfilled.

  • We guarantee that our customer database will not be sold or marketed for any reason whatsoever to third parties

  • “Weber Express Logistic” is the owner of information that is submitted and by submitting any of your information you are consenting to the storage and where applicable retrieval of your information so submitted for the purposes set out herein. 

4. Contact us.

If you have any concern on data privacy related issue, feedback or complaint, feel free to contact us through the channels as below.

  • sales@weberexpress.my

Registration is divided into two steps, "Submit information" and "activate username", and the whole process takes only 2 minutes.

1. Enter the "Register" page and enter a E-mail address to activate the account.
2. Set a password.
3. Read the Registration Agreement carefully, the Privacy Policy, and click the Submit Registration button.

4. Complete registration.




Parcel Shipment Rules & Regulations

*Sea Weight Calculation:

If the Good Volumetric Weight is 0.015m3, we will calculate according to the minimum charge.

Example 1:

Good Volumetric Weight: 25cm x 20cm x 30cm

(25 x 20 x 30)/1 million

= 0.015 m3

*Air Weight Calculation:

If good weight is 1.2kg, we will charge 2kg as air freight fee.

According to air freight calculation, the air freight fee will use either actual weight or volumetric weight whichever is heavier. What is volumetric weight? It's based on height, width and length.

Sample 1:

Good Actual Weight:1 kg

Good Volumetric Weight:25cm x 20cm x 30cm

volumetric weight = (25 x 20 x 30)/6000

= 2.5 kg

If your goods actual weight is 1.5KG,receipt written 1.5KG, but if volumetric weight is 4.6KG,charges is based on 5KG。

Please beware of this! To avoid any arguement later!

Why volumetric weight calculation exist~

Firstly, give an example.

Due to air freight is using air plane, the flight storage only contains limited space one.

If most of us send items like toy and plastic items etc, it takes a lot of space. But the real actual weight is actually very light. That's why the air freight company set the rule for volumetric weight calculation.

To make it easier forweberexpress.my customers to calculate shipping costs, can go directly to the Shipping Fee Calculator at the bottom of our homepage.

1. User Agreement Update

  • User agreement will be updated and effective at any time after publication on our website. If user continues to use our services, we assume you agree to our latest agreement. We reserve all changes to agreements, terms and promotions, regardless of any time and whether or not to give notice.

2. Submit Waybill

  • The waybill showing [Waiting for payment] needs to be completed within 30 days. If the payment is not completed within 30 days, the order or parcel will automatically voided without compensation.

3. Warehousing

  • We provide storage services to allow users to keep parcels in our warehouse. Our warehouse has 24- hour security monitoring, fire prevention measures and pest control equipment to ensure your parcels is safe.
  • Each parcel will enjoy free warehousing service for first 20 days. After 20 days, RM 1 / day will be charged and the maximum storage period is 30 days.
  • Note : After the storage period (30 days), the package will be removed from the warehouse and can no longer be claimed.
  • Valuable item not recommended for long-term storage in warehouse.

4. Method of compensation

  • When you receive the goods and find that the goods are damaged or inconsistent with your order, please immediately note on the delivery order/consignment note and feedback the problem to us.
  • All compensations application need to provide complete information within one week after received, otherwise the compensation will be invalid.
  • Two weeks working days will be taken for verification and investigation after received complete information for compensation.

    Note: Recommended to  purchase insurance for high value goods to avoid your loss

  • Insurance Compensation Term
    If your parcel is lost, compensation will be paid according to calculation as below,

    (a) According to the value of goods which declared on the invoice (the maximum value : RM 1000 )


    (b) Triple amount of the actual freight cost

    The compensation amount depend whichever is lower  (a) and (b)

5. Non-compensable 

  • Dangerous goods and prohibited goods
  • Losses caused by natural disasters such as severe weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquakes, floods etc
  • Detained / confiscated by customs or caused delayed delivery

6. Prohibited Item/ Sensitive Item

Process Of Shipping

After each process is complete,
Our website system will be updated with the latest status (Stock in, Container, Customs, Departure, Arrival, Clearance and Warehousing).

Dear customers, please be patient oh!


Just press 'Top-Up Account' with one click and we'll show you how to easily reload your e-wallet. 

Send2me doesn't support Cash On Delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.


Click "Forget password" in "Member login" and press the prompt to retrieve password.If the password cannot be recovered by the above method, please contact our customer service.

After Sale Service


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